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The P&C
Woodvale's P&C provides an integral link to the school community. Check here for meeting info, achievements and current officers.          

The school canteen provides a wide selection of healthy and affordable food for the benefit of students and staff. See this section for more information about canteen operations and current menu items on offer.  

School Board
As an Independent Public School, Woodvale has appointed a School Board whose role it is to oversee the
operations of the College. The Board meets twice per term and comprises five parents,  four staff members and two students:   Paul Leech (Principal), Veronika Sutton (Staff), Kristy Watson (Staff), Kelvin Browner (Staff), Barbara Molloy (Chairperson, Parent), Derek Hood (Parent), Geoff Quinton (Parent), Adrie Schoonens (Parent), Robert de Vries (Parent). Minutes for School Board Meetings are available by following this link:
 School Board Minutes