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2016 Mayoral Prayer Breakfast

Our 2017 Head Prefects along with our School Chaplain, Jen Nelson, were invited to join this year’s Mayoral Prayer Breakfast at Joondalup Resort last week. Here’s what they had to say about the experience…

I found the Mayoral Prayer Breakfast an excellent experience as it was really informative and gave us an opportunity to partake in a formal event and officially represent the school for the first time as Head Prefects. The keynote speaker, Ashlee Harrison, provided an informative speech regarding the importance of mental health and how it is crucial to address any mental health issues before they escalate to extremes. Some of the statistics that we were provided with were quite shocking, such as the statistic that there are twice as many deaths as a result of suicide in Australia every year when compared to the death toll on the roads. The fact that so much effort and attention is directed towards making the roads safer, rather than focusing on these issues of mental health and suicide, is quite astounding. This idea really stuck with me and urged me to believe that we should be focusing more on this serious issue which is impacting many in our community. The speech really helped increase my awareness about the importance of simply just talking about your issues and having open communication with others, as ultimately this could prevent countless deaths. The welcoming nature of the Mayor and the other people attending created a lovely atmosphere and the inclusion of prayers and the focus on Christian values aided this. It was a privilege and honour to attend this event and I believe that this annual event is great in bringing the leaders of the community together so that they can then spread these messages back to the rest of the community.

Sheldon G


It was a great experience to attend the event, I really enjoyed meeting the Mayor and getting involved by representing the school. The key note speech was really inspiring and definitely got me thinking! I'm not usually a religious person but the environment was great. It's really uplifting to be involved in your community when they're dealing with such an issue in society as suicide. The breakfast was also a highlight.

I am grateful for the opportunity to attend.

Adam L