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Celebrating Academic Achievement - Semester 1 Award Assembly

The whole school assembly held on the last Friday of Term 2 was a positive way to end Semester 1 2016. It gave us an opportunity to celebrate the academic achievements of students from Years 7 through 12. It was really nice to see all the parents and caregivers that came to support their children and to see all the award winners standing together on stage so proud of their success so far this year.

As a Year 12 student I can look back on these assemblies from previous years and when I do I remember how inspiring it is to have a goal to work towards and to be recognised for your hard work. These assemblies provide a great opportunity to re-ignite the students’ motivation and introduce some friendly competition.

This year students were awarded Certificates of Excellence in recognition of outstanding achievement, either across all their subjects (Years 7 to 10), or for ATAR or VET and general subjects (Years 11 and 12) depending on their academic pathway.

Congratulations to everyone who received an award. Congratulations also to Anna C for her amazing rendition of the national anthem and the Senior Guitar Ensemble who blew us all away with their enchanting performance.

Overall the assembly was a great success and a lovely note to end the semester on - meeting as a whole school in an enthusiastic and celebratory atmosphere, before sending the students off into a relaxing and fun holiday.

Paige M

Head Prefect