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Chinese and Japanese Top Achievers

It is clear that knowing an Asian Language is one thing that may offer our students the edge in the work place and in other life opportunities, as well as having many other benefits. To this end, top students in Years 9 and 10 were offered a special lunch in which they were given a presentation on the benefits of continuing their studies of Japanese and Chinese into senior school. This included outlining the benefits, particularly through screening interviews of successful career-minded people who are testaments to the importance of learning an Asian Language and learning about Asian cultures. Specific benefits of continuing to study an Asian Language at the College were outlined.

Increasing the retention rate for secondary students studying post compulsory languages is an Australian-wide objective and we continue our efforts to achieve this goal, already being above the national average. We encourage students, parents and caregivers to support this important goal in a world where Asian language and cultural understanding is increasingly vital to our youth.