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Term 2 Drama at Woodvale

This term has been a busy, yet productive time for Drama students. We have been fortunate to have Mr Gregory Clarke, a pre-service teacher from ECU, working with us and we are all enjoying his dynamic, creative and inspiring lessons.

Year 9 students are studying Commedia dell’arte and are having a blast making character masks in preparation for their end of term performances. They are all very excited because parents and caregivers will be invited to watch them perform.


Year 10 students have been learning about Jerzy Grotowski and his Poor Theatre methodologies. They are currently devising original Poor Theatre performances.

Year 11 students are delving into the world of Theatre of the Absurd which will be followed by study of the Australian play “Ruby Moon”.

Year 12 students are studying “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time” whilst exploring Physical Theatre and its contemporary practitioners.