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Elemental Scales – WSC Dragon is taking shape!

Our fourth workshop on 8 December saw us 'dressing' Elemental with scales - a huge task, given he is yet to be fully measured in length (though it seems he will be over 8 metres long). The scales, made of colourful soft plastic, are to cover his rattan structure and will be beautifully set to life with lights and movement for the City of Joondalup Display in early April, before being displayed at the College.

Elemental is taking shape thanks particularly to the determination of 12-15 students, four staff and City of Joondalup sponsored artist, Calvin Chee, who have dedicated four after school workshops and their own time to help create Elemental. Thanks also to the Asian Bridges Club members and Chinese students who have helped draw and cut out hundreds of scales for our new College dragon.

We plan to run one or two more workshops early next year to complete the scales and add the final touches.