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Perth’s Urban Patterns Identified

On Friday 29 July, the Year 12 Geography class left Woodvale Secondary College and set off on a field trip through East Perth, the CBD and Northbridge to explore our city’s urban patterns.

The drive to East Perth was smoother than expected. It was a quick 20 minute trip made shorter by filling out the work book on the way. Getting off the bus we started to identify aspects of urban geographical concepts such as urban blight, urban renewal and urban redevelopment within the East Perth area. Walking up Bronte Street to Bennett Street we completed a land use transect and realised the advantages of living in East Perth over the CBD, the evidence of land use change and the change in function but not form throughout the area.

The class then caught public transport (a free CAT bus service) to Perth’s CBD and once there we completed a land use transect of Milligan Street and Murray Street. We started at Fast Eddy’s to complete a pedestrian count. We counted how many people walked past in the space of 5 minutes, to assess the population of the frame of the Central Business District (CBD).

Another land transect was completed by walking down Shafto Lane while identifying the type of buildings, shops, functions and the approximate age of the buildings, of which many seemed to have been around for many years.

In the core of the CBD we completed a wide range of activities that included completing a pedestrian count in the Hay Street Mall, compiling a transect of the functions found within one of the arcades and finding a multi-storey building to identify the vertical zonation within it.

The class met back at Wesley Church at 1:30 pm and set off to explore Northbridge. On the way we stopped at Perth Train Station to compile a demographic study of the area by taking down the age, gender, ethnic background and predicted income level of the public in the area.

After a short 10 minute walk through Northbridge we undertook another land use transect and completed activities to identify urban blight, gentrification and change in function but not form.

After completing land use transects of William Street, Lake Street and Newcastle Street, we finished at Russel Square to discuss the residential segregation within Northbridge. After this we took the bus back to Woodvale Secondary College.

By Shontae S (Year 12)