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Pursuing Excellence

A High Achiever's assembly was held on 18 February at Woodvale Secondary College to support exceptional achievement of students in both Year 12, 2015 and Year 12, 2016.

We were delighted to welcome back students who graduated last year from the College and achieved exceptional ATAR results. This included two students with an ATAR above 99, five students with Certificates of Commendation and one student with a Certificate of Distinction.

30 current Year 12 students were also acknowledged both in ATAR and VET pathways for their outstanding achievement as Year 11 students. We have every confidence that these students will achieve at the highest level this year with the support of Woodvale Secondary College staff.

The whole school community including family members in attendance, were entertained by the senior school Jazz Encounter Ensemble. We thank Dylan G, a former student from 2016 who inspired students across all years with his speech. 

Recognised students enjoyed morning tea together in the Trade Training Centre, catered for by Year 11 and 12 Hospitality students.

As a new tradition at Woodvale Secondary College, we look forward to inviting senior school students back each year to acknowledge their hard work and success.