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Shopping, Chinese Style: Students' Perspectives

The Year 9 shopping presentation was a success! The most fun part of it was making the items, shopping and bargaining. The planning took around one and a half weeks followed by a lots of weeks crafting the items. The atmosphere in the room was great and I hope we can do it again...

Katrina and I made most of our wares, with Katrina papier mâchéing the fruit (a pumpkin, two pineapples and two mangoes) and crafting the base of the fake phones. She also bought chips and bought old teddies from her house. I created the screens of the phones and they were a great success - they almost looked like real phones! I also baked Anzac cookies. The fortune cookies and hot chocolate were popular.

Nearly everyone attempted to speak Chinese. Some of the better speakers replied in Chinese a lot! I tried most of the time to speak in Chinese, but occasionally needed to return to English.

The beautiful jewellery was also hand-made and the joke envelopes had a fun air about them. I bought a lucky-dip bag, delicious cake, chips, a necklace, a fake phone, a raspberry and cookies.

Most groups did a great job and I hope that we can do more interactive assessments like this in the future. It gets students ‘up and running’ and resembles a real life market to test our skills.

Andra K

In Term 2 we participated in a shopping presentation where we set up stores in the classroom, selling products to each other and some of the teachers, while practising our Chinese skills.

I think this was a good way to get everyone to participate and have fun at the same time. I also think that this presentation let people show their creativity through the products they were selling. It was a very fun activity for each of us and the time went by so quickly.

I was partnered with Georgie and she designed a very pretty shop sign and had some great ideas for our shop. Some of the language teachers came in and brought some things using fake money. Everyone got to choose what to put in their shop. Some people did food stores and others sold a range of different things. My store was a gift store so we sold cards, jewellery, lollies, chocolates, dream catchers and more. Everyone could get up and move around to the different stores as we liked and we made sure to leave at least one person at the store just in case anyone wanted to buy something.

At the end of the class we looked at which store had the most money, best shop sign, best products and best group effort. There was a prize for each winner. We hope that in the coming years we will be able to do more presentations or assessments like this again.  

Brittany T