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The Caucasian Chalk Circle Theatre Excursion

On the evening of August 12 the Year 11 and Year 12 English Literature students enjoyed a live performance of The Caucasian Chalk Circle, presented by the Black Swan State Theatre Company. The students congregated at the Heath Ledger Theatre for a night of drama, experiencing Bertolt Brecht’s play, studied by the Year 12 students earlier in the year, from a new and engaging perspective.

The narrations were sung by a captivating guitarist who, along with a percussionist, accompanied the performance. Sticking to the play’s Chinese roots most of the costumes included detailed traditional Chinese masks and robes. Elements of the Realism genre were also evident, coupled with impressive visuals, utilising a rotation centre stage area and different lighting to create the appearance of a river and give the illusion that the actors were traveling vast distances. This gave the classes an opportunity to witness the aspects of drama that go unnoticed when read in the form of a book.

This excursion will allow the Year 12 class to form a better understanding of the piece in preparation for their end of year exams and will be an experience the Year 11 students can draw on in future studies.

A short interlude in the middle of the production gave students an opportunity to regroup and discuss what they had seen so far before delving back into the action. Overall the night was a great success, with the actors performing their parts amazingly, impressing and surprising even us who knew the play back to front.  

By Jayden C and Paige M