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Visual Art Exhibition

This term the Learning Resource Centre hosted an exhibition of Year 10 Visual Art works. This talented group have worked hard to complete a number of intricate artworks this year. The exhibition features outstanding work from three projects.

Celebrity Portraits

The portraits were completed as a skill building exercise, focusing on tone and texture. Students used actual tone and implied tone in the form of pattern.

Soft Sculptures

The sculptures started as designs on paper. Students had to use creative problem solving to realise their three dimensional potential. The soft sculptures were made using a combination of new and recycled textiles provided by Woodvale Staff.

Abstracted Portraits

Students created abstracted portraits of themselves or a classmate. The portraits attempt to encapsulate some aspect of the subject’s personality. Students needed to use at least two different media in the creation of their masterpiece.

A big thank you to Learning Resource Centre staff for helping set the exhibition up and monitoring individual students and classes while they view the works.