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What A Night! Year 10 River Cruise

On a balmy December evening Year 10 students gathered at Barrack Street Jetty for the Year 10 River Cruise. As they looked at the glistening Swan River, little did they know that the night that lay ahead would be one of the most memorable of their school lives.

Dressed to the nines students made their way up the gangplank onto the MV James Stirling – I must say that despite being involved in over 15 previous river cruises that this group was making a statement regarding the fashion stakes. You can’t beat boys in suits and girls in frocks.

Dinner was over by the time the vessel hit Crawley Bay and the cohort settled down for two hours of non-stop dancing and the dancefloor began to shake to the grooves of DJ Al and the moves of the Year 10 students.

The lights of Fremantle soon beckoned and the ship began to cut an arc in the water as it commenced the homeward leg. Little did anyone notice as the cohort was intent on moving and shaking all night long. Most of the ship seemed empty as the year group squeezed onto the dancefloor and grooved like there was no tomorrow.

As the ship cruised underneath the Narrows Bridge with its lights like a waterfall cascading over the edge it was announced that the best dressed students for the night were Zoe and Joel and the best dancers were Kristina and Liam.

By 10pm the river cruise was over and students disembarked into the waiting arms of parents and readied themselves for the long trip home.