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Woodman Point Music Camp 2016

On 15 May 2016, Woodvale Secondary College’s junior music ensembles had the opportunity to spend three days and two nights at Woodman Point. Students enjoyed taking part in various activities such as archery, flying fox, geocaching and other team building exercises which strengthened relationships between all students. In conjunction with these activities, the camp included opportunities for each ensemble to practise and polish pieces for the upcoming Semester 1 concert and primary school visits. These camps are also designed to prepare students for Senior Music Tours in the near future.

The Woodman Point camp gave Year 7 students their first taste of being part of the Specialist Music Program. Specifically, Year 7 students had many opportunities throughout the camp to build relationships with fellow specialist music students from various year groups and their teachers.

The camp provided Year 8 students with the opportunity to consolidate their ensemble and music skills from the previous year.

The Woodman Point camp was the last opportunity for Year 9 and 10 students to experience the lower-school team-building camp before they embark on the 2017 New Zealand Tour with senior ensembles.