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Year 10 News and Resources

Current Year Information

2017 River Cruise Information Letter

2017 River Cruise Permission Form

Year 10 Parent Information Night Presentation (March 2017) Part 1 - Slides

Year 10 Parent Information Night Presentation (March 2017) Part 2 - Slides

Associate Principal Newsletter 1 - 24.2.2017

Year 10 Handbook 2017

Year 10 Exam Information - Semester 2 2017

Course Selection Information for Next Year

Invite to Parent Information Evening

Outline Summary of Major Events for Year 10 Students (2017)

Year 10 Parent Information Night Presentation (June 2017) - Slides on the night

Year 11 Course Prerequisites 2018 - Updated with changes on 20 June 2017

Year 11 Handbook 2018

ECU Joondalup Map to Building 32

Notebook Program - Year 11 2018

Year 11 2018 - Notebook Program

Year 11 2018 - Notebook Loan Agreement

Study Skills Help

Managing Homework Time - Study Skills Short version

Year Coordinator: Mr Mike D'Esposito

After a number of years in south-west Western Australia I gained a position of English teacher at Woodvale Secondary College. Since my arrival I have been heavily involved in the College’s pastoral care program as a Year Co-ordinator and have followed a number of cohorts through from Year 8 to Year 12. This has given me great experience in helping students and their families get through the various challenges that they might face during their time at Woodvale.

I believe that all students have great potential and I enjoy working with them and their families to encourage them to reach their goals.

Ph: 9309 0808


Student Services Coordinator - Year 10 -12: Mr Jared Davies

Associate Principal: Mr Grant Richards

Year 10 is a major year for planning future pathways. Students, along with their parents, have to make major choices before entering Senior School. Also, course demands increase in Year 10 in preparation for Senior School. Students need to develop practices that help them manage the next three years of school life and to balance school, home and outside activities and influences. My may role with the Year 10 students, along with the Student Services Coordinator and the year coordinator, is to support them through this decision making.

Ph: 9309 0808