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Year 11 News and Resources

Semester 2 2017 Exam Summary

Year 11 Student Exam Information

Parent Information - Online Student Declaration and Permission

Year 11, 12 and Beyond

Parent information - Languages

Post Compulsory Course Choices

Letter from the Associate Principal

Afternoon Seminars Program

WACE requirements

Access to Student Assessment Information though CONNECT

Year Coordinator: Ms Jenelle Browning

Compassion for others; a passion for learning; and a zest for life are the traits which guide and shape my decisions and actions. As a teacher of 14 years, six of those here at WSC, I understand that it is our connections with others that help us succeed and overcome the obstacles life throws us. I look forward to developing my relationships with the Year 11 cohort and their families, and assisting them in achieving success in these final years of secondary schooling.

Phone: 9309 0878


Associate Principal Year 11: Ms Justine McNaught-Conroy


Student Services Coordinator - Year 10 - 12: Mr Jared Davies