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Year 11 News and Resources

Helpful information from Career and VET office

Year 11 2018 Semester 2 Exam Schedule

Year 11 Academic Task Force Exam Booster

OLNA Schedule Term 3 2018

OLNA Parent Letter Term 3 2018

2018 YEAR 11 & 12 - Exam Instructions for Students

2018 Letter to Parents and Caregivers (January 2018)

2018 Year 11 Seminar Program

Year 11, 12 and Beyond

Post Compulsory Course Choices

WACE requirements

Access to Student Assessment Information though CONNECT

Associate Principal Year 11: Ms Justine McNaught-Conroy

Student Services Coordinator - Year 10 - 12: Mr Jared Davies

Year Coordinator: Mr Mike D'Esposito

After a number of years in south-west Western Australia I gained a position of English teacher at Woodvale Secondary College. Since my arrival I have been heavily involved in the College’s pastoral care program as a Year Co-ordinator and have followed a number of cohorts through from Year 8 to Year 12. This has given me great experience in helping students and their families get through the various challenges that they might face during their time at Woodvale.

I believe that all students have great potential and I enjoy working with them and their families to encourage them to reach their goals

Ph: 9309 0817