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Year 7 News and Resources

Year 7 Bulletin Term 2 2017

Homework and Study Skills

How to be Great

Growth Mindset

3 Tips for using strengths

8 Tips for well being and balance

Year 7 Newsletter April 2017

Parent information - Languages

Associate Principal Letter 1 to Parents

Year 7 Handbook 2017

Year 7 2017 Parent Information Presentation

The Positive Parent Guide

Homework Study Points

Frequently asked questions

Year Coordinator: Ms Rebecca Lazarus

 Working to bring out the best in young adults is my passion. I have been teaching for 12 years and throughout that time I have specialised in the Middle Years, teaching a range of subjects, and specialising in Humanities. I have been a Year Coordinator previously and I have also been involved in Cadets programs as well as several international tours. I enjoy extra-curricular activities and I will employ their use to assist in the social and emotional growth of the cohort. I believe students who feel safe, empowered and engaged will try their best and I look forward to working with the Year 7s to ensure they have a successful journey throughout their time at the College.

Phone: 9309 0808

Student Services Coordinator - Year 7 - 9: Ms Tina Nottle


Phone: 9309 0808

Associate Principal: Ms Veronika Sutton


Ph: 9309 0808