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Breakfast for Everybody

Many students arrive at the health centre complaining of nausea, dizziness and feeling tired. More often than not these students have not eaten breakfast or some have not eaten since around 5pm the previous day.
It is important children fill up on the right type of fuel for their bodies. Studies have shown that children who eat breakfast have better concentration, are less irritable and perform better in memory tests.
They need energy to walk to school, work in class and of course Physical education.
Energy comes from suitable breakfasts foods such as cereals, milk, fruit, baked beans, eggs, yoghurt, vegemite, toast or pancakes.
If some mornings are rushed, pack a banana or toast to be eaten on the way to school.
Fluids also are a very necessary part of diet especially water, milk (calcium for bones),100%fruit juices, homemade milkshakes and fruit smoothies.