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Immediate Injury Management

Many students during their high school years will experience a “Soft Tissue Injury”. To minimise time spent on the sideline from this injury follow the RICER and NO HARM regime:
R : Rest  the player and body part. Further activity can aggravate the injury.
I : Ice    Apply ice for 20 minutes every 2 hours. DO NOT apply ice directly to the skin as ice burns can occur, use a wet towel or something similar.
C : Compression    Apply a firm compression bandage above and below the injury to reduce swelling.
E : Elevation   Raise the injured area above the level of the heart to reduce swelling and pain.
R : Referral  Early referral to a sports physician or sports physiotherapist will provide specific diagnosis and an appropriate rehabilitation program.
Remember to avoid the following HARM factors:
H : Heat increases bleeding to the injured area.       
A : Alcohol increases swelling
R : Running increases blood flow and can make the injury worse.
M : Massage increases bleeding. Avoid for the first 72 hours.