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Senior School Study Skills/Revision Courses

September 2018 Revision Course Mindarie & Peter Moyes

July 2018 Revision Course Atar Attack

July 2018 Revision Course WACE Senior School

July 2018 Revision Course ATAR Enrichment

July 2018 Revision Course Academic Task Force

July 2018 Revision Course Wesley-Penrhos

July 2018 Revision Courses T.E.E. Consultants - UWA

July 2018 Revision Courses Mindarie & Peter Moyes 

Study Tactics Checklist (Uni of Victoria)                             

Students have found these ideas very useful for learning better in less time.                                                                                   
Learning Skills (James Cook Uni)                                                    

Determine your learning style, study smarter not harder, note taking, studying for Exams.                                                                                 
Exam Techniques (Monash Uni)                                 

Help with exam techniques, specific to selected question types - samples provided.                                                                                    
Sample Mindmaps