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From the Principal

Welcome to 2020 at Woodvale Secondary College.

In this, my sixth year of leading our College, I will be following extra carefully the progress of the Class of 2020.  We started at Woodvale together – they were Year 7s and I was the new principal! Of course, I will also be following the progress of students in all year groups and look forward to celebrating their achievements and successes as the year unfolds.

I felt very fortunate at the commencement of 2015 to be given the opportunity to lead a school that has a proud tradition of serving its community since 1985 by providing wonderful opportunities for learning in a positive, safe and welcoming environment. Now, I feel even further connected, having worked and learnt with staff and students for the past five years.

During that time, I have witnessed a definite shift in the way in which we see ourselves:  not only as providers of a safe, inclusive learning environment but one that is very much focused on the individual student.  While our students regularly achieve high ATAR results and gain many Certificates through their VET programs, of greater importance I think is our belief that each and every student can achieve their best through the support that is available to them.  This is enshrined in our motto of Pursuing Excellence and in our mission statement: 

Woodvale empowers, challenges and supports students to achieve their personal best and engage as responsible global citizens.

We have a strong connection with our local area intake primary schools through the Woodvale Learning Community.  One of the best examples of this is evidenced in our highly successful transition processes for our Year 7 students.  Our students are connected to their local community through workplace learning, music performances, links to Edith Cowan University, sporting engagements and an array of incursions and excursions.  They are connected to the global community through our focus on Asian languages and regular international trips and exchange programs.

We take very seriously our values of respect, responsibility and relationships and expect that all Woodvale SC community members honour them.

One of the challenges in high schools is catering for children ranging in age from 12 years to 18.  We are very conscious that children in the early adolescent phase of learning have very different requirements from those in the late adolescent phase.  We know that Year 12 students in particular consider themselves to be almost adults.  We acknowledge that.  With that change in perceived status comes additional expectations- if you wish to be treated as an adult, you must behave as such.  This includes accepting responsibility for your own behaviour and progress as well as developing skills that will benefit you throughout your adult life.  The most important of these is, arguably, resilience.  To this end, we have a strong focus on building resilience in all of our young persons.  We ask that families support us in this endeavour.

A constant challenge for us at Woodvale is engaging members of our College community.  To this end, I have adopted engage as our word of the year.  This applies to everyone- students, staff and families.  We ask that students engage in their learning and in the opportunities that are available to them.  We ask that families engage in the many opportunities available to them e.g. parent evenings, committees of our specialist programs, College Board, P & C, volunteering, attendances at performances, sporting fixtures and College events.

2020 promises to be an exciting year for Woodvale as we conclude one business plan and write another.  Changes to SEQTA will give students further opportunities to take responsibility for organisation of their learning and achievement, together with developing their ICT skills.   

I look forward to meeting and working with you during 2020.


Lea Fairfoul-Hutcheon