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Our Philosophy

Our Vision: Life-long learners with a strong sense of individuality, responsibility and community. 

Our Mission: To empower, challenge and support students to achieve their personal best and engage as responsible global citizens.

Our Values: Our values are based on the three Rs :
Respect: Our school community strives for moral excellence by demonstrating fairness,
respect and integrity.
Responsibility: Our school community believes that we all share a responsibility to actively contribute to the success of the students by empowering them to aspire to personal excellence and embrace opportunity.
Relationships: Our school community builds and nurtures relationships based on a commitment to open communication, trust and collaboration.
Woodvale Secondary College offers Japanese and Mandarin to students from Year 7 to Year 12. Our Language teachers are proficient in their language/s and committed to inspiring students to learn Asian languages and cultures using a range of interesting and innovative methods.