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Specialist Music Program (approved)

Year 7 2021 Specialist Music program applications are now CLOSED. No late applications will be accepted.

Learning a musical instrument at school opens up a whole new world of opportunities. Students who learn an instrument become part of a large group of students who will work to create music together.


The Music Specialist program at Woodvale Secondary College is an ongoing commitment. Students accepting a place in the Music Specialist Program are expected to continue to study music to the end of Year 10 as a minimum with an option to review at the end of Year 9.  There is also the option to continue music studies into Year 11 and 12 either through ATAR or Certificate music courses.

If a student withdraws from the course, not only has another student been denied the opportunity to be a part of the Music Specialist Program, but the balance of an ensemble and the quality of the experience for all other students involved has been affected. Please consider this carefully and do not apply if there is any doubt that your child will complete the four year course.

Students are selected for the music program based on:

  • their already acquired performance ability
  • their singing skills
  • the delicate balance required to produce high quality ensembles.

The Music Specialist Course

The course is offered to students who wish to study one of the following continuing instruments: Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, Classical Guitar, and Voice Or one of the following beginning instruments: Oboe, Bassoon, Alto saxophone, French horn, Euphonium and Tuba.

Please be aware that students will only study one instrument as part of the program, but are welcome to study additional instruments outside of the program.

Specialist Program information booklet 2021

Music Specialist Brochure 2021

FAQs - Enrolments at Woodvale Secondary College - updated October 2020

Music Audition Presentation for 2021 Specialist Applicants


Music Program


Coordinator : Ms Ruth MacDonald

Ph: (08) 9309 0808