Chaplain’s Corner

A note from Mr Sean Hampshire

After completing my Diploma in Counselling I have been employed as a School Chaplain by Youthcare for the past six months.  Over the last eight years I have had a wide range of experience interacting and engaging with high school students which has been incredibly valuable in helping me understand students.


In my role I work closely alongside Year Co-ordinators as well as other staff around the College and will frequently work with students in a one on one setting. These appointments are relaxed in nature and leave the students feeling encouraged, equipped and supported. The appointments can either be from staff referrals, students who have come down to student services feeling overwhelmed or student initiated. Students are able to message me via SEQTA whenever they need to – this level of accessibility is beneficial for the students.


I am also responsible for organising and/or facilitating social/emotional wellbeing programs – primarily aimed at Years 7- 9. These groups are approx. 8-12 students with zones being rotated so that the students don’t consistently miss the same class each week.


Last semester I invited trained volunteers from CityYouth to run programs that holistically assist the students. They target things such as resilience, individual significance, the importance of friendship and others. These programs were Beautiful By Design for ladies and Man Up for gents. These programs were very well received by all who participated.


There are a number of other programs I am excited to start in the very near future. I receive training and facilitate programs that are selected based on the College needs at the time to ensure I equip myself to help where needed.


If you have any questions about any of the programs – past or upcoming – please do not hesitate to email me at

A note from Mrs Christy Alvarez

Before immigrating to Australia in 2018, I was a school counsellor in the Philippines working extensively with high school and university students. My professional experience has molded and prepared me in my current role as a Chaplain. I love what I do and find it very rewarding. When students walk out of my office feeling better and empowered with a smile on their face, that to me is a big win. It is my goal to help people understand themselves better and bring out the best in them by using their inner resources. I’ve always held an optimistic view on people and that is –  we have the capacity to be resilient.


I collaborate with my co-chaplain, Program Coordinators, Year Coordinators and other school staff in delivering services to the students. Providing social and emotional support is the heart of my service. I do individual and group sessions with students with the aim of assisting them address their personal, social, behavioural or academic issues.  In school year 2020, myself and my co-chaplain facilitated the building resilience program to year 7 students. We will continue the program this year with the years 7 and 8 as participants. We have also been running the Breakfast Club since last year which happens twice every week. I am also enthusiastic about starting a gardening club soon.


My day at work is always full of excitement, surprises and learning experiences. I always learn something worthwhile through my encounters with students.


If you have any questions about our programs or how we could support you, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


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