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Music Parent Committee

What is the Music Committee ?

The Music Committee plays a very important part in the musical education of your child. The Committee supports  the Staff of the outstanding Music Department with organising and catering of events and concerts, fundraising projects and activities to cover the cost of purchasing new, rarer and more expensive instruments, repair costs, band uniforms, etc. The Committee also organise fundraising activities for students to build up a fund to help cover costs for tours and camps.

How you can help

The Music Committee (a sub-committee of the P&C) meets once a month, usually on the second Wednesday of each month.

You don’t have to take up any role or committee function if you don’t want to. Of course we need people to fill the places, but there is also an important role for you as a general member. And it is a great opportunity to meet other parents and talk about not only committee matters but also performances of the various bands, activities within the music department and the College in general.

We hope to welcome you and encourage parents and carers to share their ideas and views on ways to make the Musical Education the best experience for all the students of the Music Department.


Contact details

If you have any questions or you need more information about the Music Committee please contact a member of the current Music Committee:

Convenor:     Jasmin Wolf
Secretary: Tania Morris
Treasurer: Elida Gillard