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Aboshi Senior High School

The Beginnings

The sister school relationship between Woodvale SHS and Aboshi SHS emerged via the Japanese Teacher Association in 1996. The first Aboshi SHS visit to Woodvale took place in July 1997. In this group 18 students and 2 teachers came to Perth for 2 weeks. The sister school relationship officially began in August 1997, when a declaration was signed by Principal’s at both schools. (Mr Tabuchi and Mr Feutrill). In January 1998 a Woodvale SHS group went to Aboshi for the first time.

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The Sister State Relationship

Hyogo Prefecture in Japan and Western Australia has enjoyed a strong sister-state relationship since the signing in 1981 between the former Governor of Hyogo Prefecture, Mr. Sakai and former Premier of Western Australia, Sir Charles Court.

Aboshi in Hyogo Prefecture

The approximate population of Aboshi in 2004 was 40,000. Aboshi is very close to the city of Himeji, which has an approximately population of 460,000 people.
Aboshi is located about 2 hours from Kansai International Airport in Osaka and about 5 hours from Tokyo's Narita International Airport (654 km).

Aboshi SHS

Aboshi SHS is an average size, middle band high School for

students aged 15-18 years of a

ge. The school opened in 1979 and now has approx 1,000 students. Aboshi SHS also offers a correspondence course.

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