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The P&C

The P&C plays a significant role in the College’s operation, providing support to the Canteen and College's specialist programs, and contributing to many of the College's improvements over the years beautifying the College grounds.


Order a new Entertainment Membership.

Help us raise funds by buying an Entertainment Membership, and you can enjoy value the whole family will love this school holidays. You’ll receive heaps of valuable offers to keep the kids 'entertained' and help our fundraising efforts at the same time.  It only takes a couple of vouchers to cover the $70 cost of the membership. 

Now that Entertainment Memberships have gone 100% digital you can start your membership anytime and take advantage of a FULL 12mths from the day of activation i.e. no more June expiry. The other great advantage is that new offers are added weekly for ongoing value year round.

Below are just some examples of the thousands of discount vouchers you could use over the holidays: 


Return trip to Rottnest Island, Cinema discounts at Event, Grand or Ace, Oasis Supa Golf, Wanneroo Botanic Golf, iFly, Escape Hunt Experience or Time’s Up Escape Rooms, Paintball Skirmish or Laser Corps WA, Timezone, The Kart Centre, Lone Ranges Shooting, Segway Tours, Perth Mint, McDonald’s, Ben & Jerry’s, Subway, Jesters. 

There are now 3 types of Memberships to choose from: 

  • $70 Single City (Discover all the best savings in your nominated city)
  • $120 Multi City (Enjoy full access to all 21 Entertainment memberships across of Australia, New Zealand & Bali)
  • $230 Multi Plus (Enjoy 2 Years full access to all 21 Entertainment memberships across of Australia, New Zealand & Bali)


If you would like to assist our fundraising efforts with the purchase of an Entertainment Membership, please go to the Woodvale Secondary College order page by clicking the link below.   

 Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each term in the staff room.

Current Office Bearers and Specialist Program Representatives:

President:  Oliver Wolf

Vice President: Andrew Gill

Secretary:  Jasmin Wolf

Treasurer:  Kieron Strahan

Basketball Representative:  Diana Neal

Canteen Representative:   Jasmin Wolf

Music Representative:  Janet Correia

Soccer Representative:  Lisa Evans/Jenny Rooney

P & C letter

To make contact with the P & C, please send email to: