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Associate Principal - Junior School

(Years 7, 8 and 9)

My role as Associate Principal of lower school is to be responsible for students from Year 7 to Year 9. As such I work closely with lower school teachers ensuring that every student’s learning needs are met. I have a strong understanding of the early adolescent phase of learning and I consistently liaise with our primary school colleagues to ensure a seamless transition into the secondary context. I attend regular Student Services meetings for my year groups in which students at risk are monitored by the team. I am also a key member of the Whole School Literacy/Numeracy Committee ensuring that teachers focus on literacy and numeracy to ensure that students are well prepared for NAPLAN in Year 7
and Year 9.

I have the responsibility of ensuring every student in lower school feels safe and happy at Woodvale Secondary College. I have now completed two years of study into students transitioning into secondary school.  Primary schools do a wonderful job working on their students’ self-esteem and love of learning but transitioning students are unprepared for the many demands of secondary school.  Year 7 and Year 8 students quickly feel overwhelmed and stressed. Therefore I invite parents to work closely with teachers of our lower school students.  Together we must focus on developing very strong study and organisational skills to ensure students enter Senior School able to focus on their appropriate pathway, study effectively and respond positively to teacher and Student Services feedback. Parents and teachers must work together respectfully to ensure our lower school students become skilled at self-management and self-regulation. My focused attention to social and emotional wellbeing, identifying and building on the strengths of each individual, is a strong foundation for my approach to this important aspect at WSC. I offer parents regular information about Positive Education through email and our website. Also look for the website area on Lower School Study Skills where I have placed many resources to support parents. A significant focus for 2020 is Home Room once a week on Monday zone 4.  This time allows students to consolidate the social skills and the self-regulation and self-management skills they are explicitly taught.  Parents are invited to look at their child’s Learning Curve Wellbeing Journal and work through it with their child.

I deeply value my very positive relationships with parents. This is established through parent information evenings, year group events like the Year 7 barbeque, parent and teacher interview nights and through email and telephone. I also hold a Positive Psychology workshop each term, where I teach parents about Positive Education and listen to their feedback about the college.  You will be informed of the Positive Parenting workshop well in advance, so do try to attend and make personal contact with me. I believe that in order for any child to reach their potential.

Ms Sutton

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