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Online Learning

Woodvale is at the forefront of the integration of ICT into teaching and learning. Online activities seamlessly appear in day to day activities.

Our online environment has been supported by a 1 to 1 notebook program. A program that has been in place since 2011. Our College provided devices are full laptops with touch screen capability.

We know from feedback received from other schools that our program of student laptops has been one of the most successful, not only in making improvements to learning outcomes but also in the level of responsible behaviour shown. This is why we have continued with a model whereby the college provides the device. Not only does such a system reduce cost to parents, it helps reduce many issues for teachers in the classroom and provides students with a consistent environment in which to work. All our current students have taken up this program.

Feedback from students and teachers outlines the extent of our program:

  • The integration of technology in the classroom is clearly identified by the 2016 student survey results indicating that 78% of upper school students and 96% of lower school students use their laptop for more than half of their classes each day.
  • Digital literacy skills of students are specifically taught with the integration of the General ICT Capabilities across the curriculum with each learning area responsible for the direct instruction of one of these Capabilities.
  • Student survey results for 2016 indicate that 92% of upper school students believe they have the necessary ICT skills in this area to be prepared for the workforce and 91% of lower school students have indicated that they are using a range of ICT tools each day within the classroom in order to build these skills.
  • Use of our online learning management system for the delivery of curriculum has increased from 86% of courses in 2015 to 90% in 2016.
  • Trialling of the Flip Classroom Model has occurred in some learning areas with the success of this being a catalyst for greater use of this teaching practice across the College.



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