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Senior School

Associate Principal - Senior School

(Years 10, 11 and 12)

As the Associate Principal Senior School, it is my job to lead the systems that result in a successful final few years of formal schooling.  I am focused on all students having access to a pathway that sets them up for success. This success is defined by active participation in their communities, a set of skills and understandings that has depth and breadth and their ability to demonstrate respect and responsibility in a wide range of relationships.

I very much enjoy the challenges of this role as I love to work with all sorts of people to solve problems. I draw upon the experience I have gained working in a variety of schools, in a variety of roles to continually strive for improvement. I work very hard to make sure that each student gets the support that they need to flourish. I look forward to working in partnership with you to ensure that our students are receiving the best possible education at Woodvale Secondary College.

Ms Ellery

Year 10 Course Handbook 2021

Year 11 Course Handbook 2021

Year 12 Course Handbook 2021

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