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2017 Mayoral Prayer Breakfast

Drew S and Tyla G (2018 Head Students) experienced their first official duty at the 2017 Mayoral Prayer Breakfast which they attended along with our Principal, Lea Fairfoul-Hutcheon and Chaplain, Jennifer Nelson. To hear what they had to say, click ‘Read More’.

This year I was privileged to attend the exquisite Mayoral Breakfast, hosted by the Joondalup Council at the Joondalup Resort. Not only was I able to try the amazing food served to us, I also had the opportunity to meet other school leaders who I hadn’t met before. I also had the chance to experience the close and respectful relationships people hold with one another as well as the opportunity to listen to inspirational speaker, Dr. Ros Worthington. Not only has she accomplished many honorable and highly respectable achievements, such as founding ‘Breast Cancer Care WA’, she is also very talented and highly motivational. Her speech alone taught me a lot about how much depression can affect someone and how any one of us can help someone who is diagnosed with such an unforgiving mood disorder. I am highly appreciative to have learnt a few things from this breakfast which I can now apply in real life. I would like to thank our School Chaplain, Mrs Nelson and our College Principal, Mrs Fairfoul-Hutcheon for allowing both Tyler and me to attend such a fantastic and rewarding event.

Drew S

I was privileged to attend the 2017 Mayoral Breakfast on 12 October at the Joondalup Resort. After enjoying a delicious breakfast we listened to an informative and eye-opening speech presented by Dr Ros Worthington regarding mental health in Australia. It was sad to hear that one Australian loses their life to suicide every four hours. Hopefully we can change these statistics by encouraging individuals to seek help.

Tyler G