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2018 Mayoral Prayer Breakfast

Wednesday 31 October 2018 saw Lea Fairfoul-Hutcheon (Principal) and Jennifer Nelson (Chaplain) attend the Mayoral Prayer Breakfast along with our two Head Prefects for 2019.

Here’s what they had to say:

On Wednesday 31 October, Caitlin and myself had the great pleasure of attending the Mayoral Prayer Breakfast held at the Joondalup Resort ballroom. Being one of our first official duties as Head Prefects, we were excited and honored to attend the event and have the opportunity to meet people such as Mayor Albert Jacob and listen to the insightful speech made by the keynote speaker. Speaking about the importance of resilience and thinking of others before yourself, listening to various community members share their perspectives was a highly rewarding experience. The Joondalup Resort put on a delicious breakfast and the music played by the Lake Joondalup Baptist College Swing Band was particularly enjoyable. Thank you to Mrs Fairfoul-Hutcheon and our school Chaplin Ms Nelson for allowing us to participate in this event.    Leila M


Earlier this week the future Head Prefects attended their first official function: the mayoral prayer breakfast. This was an amazing opportunity to network with many new people, including meeting the mayor and listen to inspirational speakers and thoughtful prayers. The focus of the morning was resilience and thinking about others, two very important issues brought to life by our keynote speaker.   Caitlin P