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2019 Mayoral Prayer Breakfast

Our two 2020 Head Prefects, Katie G and Kara S were accompanied by our Principal, Lea Fairfoul-Hutcheon and Chaplain, Jennifer Nelson to this year’s 2019 Mayoral Prayer Breakfast. This is what they had to say:

The mayoral breakfast was enlightening, it was truly inspiring to be in the company of so many great leaders. The theme of the morning, Diversity in communities, was something I found very appropriate given that 40% of the city of Joondalup population are from overseas. The event was very religious but many of the prayers were thought provoking and carried wisdom, values and attitudes that are still important in this day and age. 

Katie G

I found the mayoral breakfast a quite welcoming and enjoyable event. It is events like these that make you understand the true value of a community. The topic for the breakfast was Diversity within communities, specifically the City of Joondalup’s extremely diverse community. I think this was an excellent topic for the breakfast as we were also introduced to religious members and the organisation Grandparents Rearing Grandchildren Western Australia (GRGWA). I really enjoyed the idea of being able to listen to their stories, their highs and lows, and also their pride and courage it took for these people to become the caregivers for their own grandchildren and in some cases great grandchildren. We shared a table with a lady that told us about how her family expanded from just her three children, to five. She told us about how she struggled to make it a cohesive dynamic at the beginning, but she also told us how her own children understood their role in their own niece and nephew’s lives.

Another key point for the breakfast was that we should not be content with being a tolerant community, but we should instead strive to be a respectful community. We had several religious members, including the Archbishop of Perth, share ideas and conversations about his upbringing. We also had several readings and prayers spoken, and I felt, even as someone who doesn’t associate with a specific religion, that the key messages were important. These messages talked about respect for ourselves and others, acceptance and kindness, forgiveness, whilst also encouraging us to seek out opportunities to help others grow alongside us.

If I was given the chance to go to this formal event again, I would jump at it and also encourage others to do the same. As an added bonus the food was amazing and the entertainment was lovely.

Kara S