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Academic Enrichment 2017

This year Woodvale Secondary College has introduced an Academic Enrichment Program for selected students in Years 7 and 8.

The group began with 20 students from Year 8 in Term 1 and has since been joined by ten Year 7 students. The aim of the program is to provide enrichment in the form of challenges, online learning, competitions and projects for these students. Students have chosen to participate in the Shaun Tan Visual Art Award, Tournament of Minds, National STEM Video Game Challenge, The National Computer Science School Challenge, Robocup, Language Perfect, the National History Challenge and the Chevron Focus Environment Photo Competition. Our Academic Enrichment students are extremely enthusiastic about engaging in these opportunities as can be seen in the following extract from an email sent by one of the students:

Dear Mrs Povah
That is awesome! Thank you so much for providing me with this opportunity! This should be a very fun and rewarding experience! I’m sure everyone is happy, but I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.