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Academic Enrichment - Tournament of Minds

On Saturday we had two teams of Year 7 and 8 students that competed in the Tournament of Minds at ECU Joondalup.

Woodvale 1- Hayley P, Bella R, Finley C, Charli D, Jana V and Viv S competed in the STEM Challenge, ‘ The Incredible Find’,  where they had six weeks to prepare a presentation on the discovery of a new organism- The Argentinian Worm Crab.


The second team Woodvale 2- Joel W, Matteo S, Riley C, Karl M, Harry S, and Nixon O,  competed in the Social Sciences Challenge ‘Don’t Fence Me In’ where they had to identify and explore the context of a fence.


Both teams also had a spontaneous challenge on the day which tested their team work and ability to think on their feet.

The TOM students did a fabulous job preparing for the challenge and learned a lot about working effectively in a team and time management.


Results have not been published as yet but their feedback was positive.

Well done Woodvale TOM Teams.