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Best Night of the Year - Year 11 Dinner Dance

The Year 11 Dinner Dance was held this year at Fraser’s Restaurant in King’s Park on Wednesday 18 October. It was definitely a wonderful way to wrap up the social events for Year 11 and the students not only looked amazing but were exemplary in their behaviour.

Thank you to everybody who attended – both staff and students - I look forward to continue working with this wonderful cohort in 2018.

Ms Browning

The Year 11 Dinner Dance was an amazing night and the best social event of my high school journey so far. We had a delicious three course dinner at Fraser’s Restaurant in Kings Park, followed by dancing and singing by both the students and teachers. Everyone was involved throughout the night, coming together as a group to celebrate the end of Year 11. There were many amazing awards given out, such as the Social Dragonfly and Butterfly, Best Dressed, thank you gifts for the event-coordinators and many more.

Tyla Gilbert

The Dinner Dance this year was so fun. We started off the evening at the lookout, taking numerous individual and group photos with the city and the sunset in the background. We then headed up to the entrance of the venue, where we had the option of either a strawberry or mango mocktail. I chose the mango. While we were drinking, we were offered food - I loved the lamb samosas. We then went inside and found the tables beautifully set and music playing. We found our tables and a short while later the entrée arrived. The food was exquisite! The novelty activity of the night was the photo booth. Everyone rushed to get in line and steal the best props. It was great to get instant prints or have the pictures emailed to you. Everybody got in line at least 5 times! After eating and awards, the whole group got up to dance - even the teachers got involved. It was so fun! We all left with ringing ears and sore feet, but every bit of pain was worth it. Best night of the year. I definitely recommend that everyone attends next year.

Amy Van Viersen