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Breakfast Club

When: Monday and Wednesday mornings Time: 8:15am to 8:45am Place: Year 12 Undercover Area

Breakfast Club, in my opinion, is amazing. Free food and drinks are offered to all students and even teachers. Occasionally we get to make pancakes to give out. Best of all, we get to see Jen on Mondays and Wednesdays. I really enjoy my time at Breakfast Club and am really happy that it's a thing that I can help with. Come down to Breakfast Club for free food and a good time with friends.
Filipe R – Year 11

Breakfast Club is a place where students can come in the mornings and be greeted with a smile, a warm or cold beverage and a piece of toast. On Monday and Wednesday mornings, there is no better place to be between 8 and 9 am. Breakfast Club is a fantastic way to meet new people, listen to some great music and kick-start a fun filled day of learning. The program has been a great success and ensures that everyone has the option to eat breakfast, a vital part of the morning. Breakfast Club aids in increased student concentration by giving them the nutrients their bodies need.  
Caitlin P – Year 10

I have been coming to breakfast club since week 5 in Term 1.  The thing I like most about breakfast club is being able to get a slice of toast and being able to meet new people. The three words I would use to describe breakfast club are fun, happy and food.
Finley C – Year 7

I have been attending every day and have recently begun helping.  My tasks are to spread toast for people, make drinks, meet new people and count the food and drinks given out.  The thing I like most about breakfast club is the socialisation and meeting new people each time I give out a piece of toast.  Breakfast club in three words would be awesome, fun and social.  I think everyone should attend breakfast club not just for the food but to meet and make new friends.
Caitlyn B – Year 7