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Developing Effective Student Leaders

The Year 12 Prefects recently attended the annual Grip Student Leadership Conference held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Grip Leadership is an organisation that provides engaging and interactive workshops for student leaders. The Year 12 Prefect Group participated in a variety of sessions that addressed specific aspects of dynamic speeches, dynamic events, making meetings effective, contributing to your leadership team, how to motivate others and how to eliminate bullying.

In addition to these invaluable workshops the Prefects had the opportunity to form new friendships and share experiences with a number of student leaders from various schools in Western Australia. At the conclusion of the conference our students were buzzing with positivity and enthusiasm reflecting they had gained new insight and felt inspired by the innovative ideas shared throughout the day.

The College is committed to fostering and developing effective student leadership and believes that the Prefect Group gained valuable knowledge on their first student leadership experience.