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From the Principal's Desk - Term 2

Term 2 has started as busily as ever...

Exam time is almost upon us for our senior school students. Although this can be a trying time for all concerned (including the families at home), it is well to keep it all in perspective.  I always encourage students to think of exams as an opportunity to show case how much they have learnt about their various subjects and to impress their audience. I wish them all well.

Department of Education Services (DES) Independent Public Schools (IPS) Review

Last week our College underwent its second IPS review.  The reviewers, Mr Ross Sweeney and Mrs Audrey Jackson, very much enjoyed the hospitality provided and the opportunity to talk to so many of our wider College community.  They were impressed with the high quality of our learning environment and our focus on “the whole child”. The final report should be available within a couple of months and will appear on our website.

Annual School Report

Our 2015 annual school report is now available on our website. I encourage all College community members to read of our achievements in 2015. 

College Board

Our Board meets next week.  One of the main topics of discussion will be the freshly completed IPS review.  By this time we will also know the results of our recent election for a new parent representative.  Thank you to all College community members who took the time to vote.


Occurs this week.  All Year 7 and 9 students are encouraged to do their best.  Having sensible bed times and good breakfasts is essential to brains performing at their best! 


Our uniform standard continues to be high.  Thank you to all students who are demonstrating pride in our College and themselves by attending school looking so well-presented each day. Both reviewers during the IPS review commented on the high standard of uniform in our College.


As we head towards winter it is important for everyone to remember to take care of themselves to ward off colds and illness:  eat healthily; get sufficient sleep; wear appropriate clothing; exercise regularly and practise positive thinking!

Lea Fairfoul-Hutcheon