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Positive Parenting Forum

This forum will be held at the College Tuesday 28 August at 6:30PM. The keynote speaker for the evening is David Castelanelli (WA Youth Ambassador 2018).

This workshop will outline just how much time and focus students are losing through their phones.
David will be teaching new strategies to

1. Minimize your children's social media/phone usage (without the screaming or shouting)

2. Combat social media addiction and a fear of missing out (FOMO)

3. Maximize your children’s productivity and focus

David Castelanelli is the WA Youth Ambassador for 2018, a young entrepreneur and motivational speaker in the area of modern self-development.
Having just turned 20, David has been voted as one of Australia's Top 100 Young Leaders and has recently completed studies in Leadership & Public Speaking at Harvard University on scholarship.

David is one of WA's most booked youth speakers, having delivered over 150 presentations to 80+ high schools in the last year alone through Alpha Motivation. He is the youngest Youth Ambassador to ever be selected by the Minister for Youth and is a highly sought after speaker (having spoken in Australia, America & Asia).

David's main area of focus is modern self-development, concentrating on social media reduction to improve students productivity and focus. David has demonstrated social media reduction results through 'The Wolf Pack Program'; an 8 week self development that he runs in WA high schools.

Do not miss out on the opportunity!