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School Based Traineeships: Carina’s story

In 2016, Carina B applied for, and was accepted into, the Public Sector Commission (PSC) to complete a School Based Traineeship (SBT). Carina started in February 2017 and is on track to complete her traineeship in August 2018.

She has been working at the PSC for two days a week since commencing her traineeship and attending school for three days a week.  During this time she has gained valuable skills and knowledge across various departments within the PSC including human resources, events, conduct and standards and workforce performance.

She is completing a Certificate II in Government and has been deemed competent in workplace communication, data entry, and team work and organisation skills. Carina’s supervisor is highly impressed with her work ethic, initiative and reliability.

Carina has maintained her school work and commitments despite being at the workplace.

This opportunity has not only provided Carina with a clear pathway into employment within the Public Sector but it also enhances her opportunities in other post school options.

School Based Traineeships require dedication to school and the ability to manage classwork and personal commitments equally. SBTs for 2019 will be offered later in 2018.