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Slow Fashion Week

Have you ever wondered how some items of clothing are manufactured to sell at such cheap prices?

Did you know that the textile industry is the second largest global polluter after the oil industry? What is the real cost of fashion?

This year Woodvale held its first Slow Fashion Week. The purpose of Slow Fashion Week is to educate students about the ethical and ecological problems associated with the contemporary fashion industry. We hope that by bringing awareness to these issues, we can help influence young adults to become conscious consumers.




In week 3 of this term, Ms Mycyk and her Year 12 General Art students ran a variety workshops and presentations aimed at raising awareness, as well as creating enthusiasm for activities that encourage ‘slow fashion’ practices.


Students participated during lunch and lesson time to swap clothing, mend and re-imagine tired items of clothing, as well as to learn about other ways to develop ‘slow fashion’ habits. The students involved had an opportunity to get creative, learn something new, and bond with the Year 12s who mentored them through the activities.

A big thank you to staff and students who participated in this event in 2018, and remember, the future of the planet is in our hands.