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WSC Drama Production

What a week it has been for students involved in the College Drama Production! Audiences were treated to three brilliant performances over three days: an absurdist piece written by Mika L and performed by Mika L and Cassie B; a stand-up comedy routine written and performed by Jessica C and, the showstopper, Alvin and the Queen, featuring a cast of nine.

“Wow! Wow! Wow! Congratulations to you and your students (and the team) who put Alvin and the Queen together. We really enjoyed the show last night.” – Staff member

“I couldn't help myself, I had to come straight home and email you. What a fantastic display of Woodvale's talented students. They must be and should be so pleased with their efforts tonight, their opening night... What a pleasure it was to be there tonight.”  - A member of the audience

My son “… came home last night with the brightest and happiest face I have seen in a long time.  He was absolutely switched-on yesterday from being able to be a part of the drama production.  He felt useful; he felt his contributions helped others and he was part of a team whose company he enjoyed.  He said all the students were positive and enjoyed doing what they were doing… this has been a wonderful experience for him and has boosted his confidence and stretched his thinking.  It has given him a purpose and wonderful exposure to a positive peer group.  He is now very keen to be a part of the next production and can’t wait to pop his ideas out there!”  - A Proud Parent

The production was five months in the making, with rehearsals starting in early March. The cast met regularly to rehearse, even going so far as to give up time in the school holidays – a huge sacrifice indeed! During rehearsals the cast bonded, forming new friendships and creating memories that I am sure will last a long time. It was particularly nice to see the senior school students mentoring and befriending the lower school students, all of whom benefited from their expertise and support.

One of the highlights for the cast was performing in front of Year 6 classes from Woodvale Primary School and North Woodvale Primary School. The students’ excitement and enthusiasm were palpable, providing a real confidence boost to the performers. Upon leaving the performance, many of the primary school students expressed their eagerness to attend Woodvale SC next year and be a part of the next drama production. High praise indeed!

The three evening performances were hugely successful, with approximately 60 people in attendance each night. The set was designed as a theatre restaurant, with audience members actually seated in the Kozy Korner Diner, and thus made to feel as though they were part of the play. Ms Wendy Triplett and hospitality students catered for the guests, providing a delectable supper for the audience to nibble on whilst watching the performance.

Being involved in this production has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my teaching career. It has been a privilege to have worked so closely with such a dedicated, enthusiastic and vibrant group of young people, all of whom have demonstrated maturity and commitment well beyond their years.

Mrs Patrina Cole

Teacher - Drama