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Year 12 Geography excursion

Year 12 Geography excursion The class of year 12 ATAR geography class took an excursion to Perth city on July 29. This trip was based on an in-depth study for unit 4 about the planning and features of Perth and its CBD. Departing at 8:30 from Woodvale, students were driven through peak hour traffic, looking at the settlements flanking Mitchell freeway and how these had changed over the years.

After venturing into the city, the bus dropped the excited students in East Perth. Starting off near the Old girls’ school, the students were guided around streets within East Perth, looking at the land use changes and the redevelopment of apartments. Students were asked to take notes and do sketches about the area. In East Perth, students walked past important buildings such as the ABC building, followed by looking at old sub stations and furniture manufacturing buildings that had now become expensive units.
Leaving East Perth, the class headed into Claisebrook Inlet. This area was new to many, and it was very interesting to see the styles of housing and the mixture of styles and buildings within the area. Following the water’s edge, they came out to a park, where the class caught a CAT bus into the city. In the city we did studies on the pedestrian numbers, looking at older exterior buildings that had taken on a new function inside, as well as walking along lanes that showed an abundance of food destinations.
During the students lunch time, they were able to explore the malls, arcades and streets of Perth CBD, looking at the sky-scrapers, business types and pedestrian counting. After lunch, we walked through to Northbridge, past Battye Library and walking past numerous entertainment buildings.
After a day of really good weather and lots of walking, the class was able to relax in the rotunda of Russell Square. The gardens were quite relaxing and neat, many of the students wishing they could stay there a bit longer. The bus trip home entailed conversations of astonishment and interest, as students talked about all the things they had seen for the first time and funny conversations and moments throughout the day. It was really nice being able to take the learning somewhere other than the classroom, and being able to gain a deeper understanding of the city we live in.