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Positive Behaviour Support

Staff at Woodvale Secondary College believe establishing and maintaining a positive classroom environment is the most effective way to promote learning.  We seek to develop in students the capacity to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and recognise the impact it has on others. Staff are committed to improving student academic and behaviour outcomes through ensuring all students have access to the most effective and accurately implemented instructional and behavioural practices and interventions possible.

Our staff strive to develop positive and genuine working relationships with students and will actively promote, recognise and reward positive behaviours. Year Coordinators are dedicated to identifying students that consistently maintain expected attendance and behaviour standards. These students are provided with multiple opportunities to engage in cohort social events and reward activities. There is also a great variety of extra-curricular programs, activities, competitions and events on offer for students to actively engage within their College community. Students are also supported to develop the skills and capacity to demonstrate positive behaviours through a range of programs and opportunities offered by Student Services staff.

Expected behaviours are explicitly taught and consistently reinforced at a classroom level. The teacher will alert students when their behaviour is unacceptable and discuss actions required to restore positive behaviour in the classroom and in their wider duty of care role. For more information about expected behaviours, please refer to the College Code of Conduct. This can be found on our website.

In cases where unacceptable behaviour becomes consistent, affects the orderly function of the classroom or threatens the well-being of others, formalised behaviour management process and procedures commence. These processes are designed to provide opportunity for students to: reflect on their current behaviour; consider alternative behaviours that acknowledge and respect mutual rights; and encourage students to make responsible choices in the future. We have made decisions about preferred ways to respond to and deal with disruptive behaviour that reflects both the Department of Education and our College Policies and Procedures.

Positive Behaviour Support builds a continuum of supports for staff and students and provides an operational framework for achieving planned learning and behavioural outcomes.