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Chaplain's Corner

Mrs Jennifer Nelson

After completing my Diploma in Counselling I have been employed as a School Chaplain by Youthcare for the past four years.  My passion is to deliver quality pastoral care services to our school community whilst upskilling our students in areas that assist in the promotion of quality social and emotional wellbeing.

One of my main focuses is the organisation and running of our social/emotional wellbeing programs for 7, 8, 9 and 10 year groups.  These programs are run in small groups of 6 to 12 students and zones are rotated each week to minimize disruption to any one subject. The programs are:

Year 7 – YOUTH SKILLS: WHAT GUIDES MY BEHAVIOUR - A four week drumming program (no musical skills required) aimed to equip participants with an understanding of things that contribute to how they behave and skills to effectively deal with certain problem behaviors.

Year 8 – OPTIMISTIC THINKING SKILLS - An eight week program aiming to equip participants with skills to change “unhelpful” thinking styles into “helpful” thinking styles so that they are better equipped to deal with difficult situations with a more positive proactive approach.

Year 9 – FLOURISH AND THRIVE - Both these programs are run over seven weeks, Flourish for ladies and Thrive for gents.  The aim of these two programs is to equip our participants with a strong sense of self-worth, build confidence, develop decision making and problem solving skills, understand their contribution/influence to the world around them and identify personal strengths/desires to motivate themselves to set and achieve personal goals.

 Year 10 – JUNIPER GROUP - This ladies’ program runs over seven weeks and is a time where the group can come together and discuss personal challenges/topics of interest which are chosen by the participants.  We then address one topic each week with brainstorming, activities and discussions to assist our ladies and arm them with skills to deal with these challenges when/if they arise. 

 All Years – SEASONS FOR GROWTH - This nine week grief and loss program is designed for participants who have experienced a significant loss in the past and are finding it difficult to move forward from that loss.  Programs are run in groups of six and aim to provide an opportunity for participants to learn the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to understand and respond in a better capacity to such experiences.

If you have any questions about any of the programs please do not hesitate to email me at  Alternatively if you would like to nominate your child for one of the programs, please click on the link below and email me at the above address.

Program Permission Form