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Year 12 News and Resources

Year 12 Resources


2019 Year 12 Semester 2 exam instructions

Parent Evening 31 July University Applications

2019 Year 12 ATAR course examinations timetable

2019 Semester 2 - Exam Schedule

2019 Letter to Parents and Caregivers (February 2019)

2019 Year 12 Seminar Program

TAFE 2019 Year 12 Parent Night Presentation July 2018

Study Survival Guide

How to Achieve a WACE

Access to Student Assessment Information though CONNECT

2019 Semester 1 - Exam Schedule

2019 Year 12 Exam Instructions For Students

Alternative entry to University 2019

Associate Principal Year 12: Ms Anne-Marie Ellery

Student Services Coordinator - Year 10 - 12: Mr Jared Davies

Year Coordinator: Mr Mike D'Esposito

After a number of years in south-west Western Australia I gained a position of English teacher at Woodvale Secondary College. Since my arrival I have been heavily involved in the College’s pastoral care program as a Year Co-ordinator and have followed a number of cohorts through from Year 8 to Year 12. This has given me great experience in helping students and their families get through the various challenges that they might face during their time at Woodvale.

I believe that all students have great potential and I enjoy working with them and their families to encourage them to reach their goals

Ph: 9309 0817