Transition to Woodvale

The transition from primary to secondary school is an exciting time for young people.

Students must adapt to new environments, make new friends, engage with many different teaching methods and move from class to class. At Woodvale we offer a comprehensive transition program to ease students into life at a secondary college 


Orientation Day for students currently in Year 6

Students enrolled in the College are invited to attend the Orientation Day in Term 4. Students will meet other students within their Home Room, take a tour of the College and participate in a variety of fun activities. 

Your child’s first day at Woodvale

If your child starts at Woodvale on the first day of the year in Year 7 or 11 they will participate in The Big Day In. They will spend the day in specially prepared workshops and challenges that will help them to familiarise themselves with College life. They will also get to meet and work with other new students.


If your child starts at any other time in the year, they will be met at the Front Reception by their Year Group Coordinator who will introduce them to their first class. They will also be paired up with a student buddy.

More Information

For more information around operating times, school contributions and charges and more please see the Parent Handbook 2021.


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