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Parenting Help

Parents can be instrumental in their child’s success in secondary schooling. Please read The Positive Parents’ Guide  which fully explains how you can really strengthen your child’s secondary schooling experience.

A very important aspect of the Woodvale SC priority of Positive Education is to build resilience in students. We have been working very closely with the Telethon Kids Friendly Schools Project who define bullying as persistent and targeted unwelcome behaviour. The Bullying Resource Booklet will assist parents in prevention of low level behaviours. It describes the various forms of bullying, what to do if you are bullied, how to report it and also gives you activities that will build resilience in your child and prepare them for the wider world of work. Also, for your convenience, find here a link to the Reporting Bullying Proforma.

Being a parent can often be a challenge so Woodvale SC has decided to offer a little help by purchasing the rights to the Parenting Ideas Magazine and INSIGHTS publications by Michael Grose, Parenting Educator.
Each month we will receive information covering a variety of topics. We envisage that this information will give parents guidelines to handle various situations that may arise with their family.
Follow the links to access the publications.

Raising Children Network – reliable and evidence-based information and resources to support parents and tailored to different ages and stages.

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