Our Staff

Our Staff 

College staff members are passionate and dedicated practitioners who empower students and staff to become the best version of themselves. Staff foster a learning environment where every student can feel safe and supported to learn. 


The College maintains over 90 teaching and 50 support staff. We develop teachers to the highly accomplished level (Level 3 Classroom teachers) 10 currently, maintain 78 teachers at the Proficient level and the remainder as one to three year graduates.


Kadadjiny Institute – Staff Development

Our approach to development of staff is built on the Noongar word Kadadjiny- a process of listening, thinking, and learning. Members are committed to strengthening and enriching student learning and school operations through innovative methods. They are encouraged and supported to engage in asking questions about best practice, to employ these practices and showcase them, to be supportive of others and to develop partnerships.


Current Special Programs

    • To build global understanding within our students, teacher Jacqui Edwards has introduced the UN Global Citizenship & Sustainability program for Year 10 students.
    • Entrepreneurship is an important skill for all students.  Teacher Tamara Murphy, has formed a partnership with Adelaide University to run their Entrepreneurship and Innovation program.
    • WA EdTech start-up Cognetic Technologies has developed VORTALS, a creation platform that allows students to design, create and publish immersive education projects while developing critical future skills. Teacher, Hui Bin Loh is developing a program around Vortals for interested students to build their STEM capability.


Whole College Directions

Teachers are able to build their teaching practices by completing courses within identified needs areas. They are able to work through a 3level competency framework to measure their progress – Graduate (1), Proficient (2) and Accomplished (3).


The College has also formed a College-wide framework based on High impact teaching strategies (HITS). Emphasis is given to classroom observation to support the application of HITS.


The College maintains an positive Graduate Mentoring Program – whereby graduates are supported by experienced practitioners and by recent currently employed graduates.


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