STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Our STEM program aims to develop 21st Century skills in critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration. 


Our Vision: Woodvale students who have knowledge and skill in applying apply STEM practice to the real world. 
Our Mission:  To provide an innovative and engaging STEM program based on authentic contexts. 


Koorliny at Woodvale

The newly established Koorliny at Woodvale STEM Program aims to engage with our community and create strong relationships with our local intake schools. Koorliny is the Noongar word for walking towards and this reflects the mission of providing primary school and lower school College students with an introduction into STEM in high school.  

The College has previously hosted an interactive extravaganza – Our Place in the Cosmos – as well as small workshops for Robotics and Coding.  

For more information on the program or to be added to the event database and be the first to hear about new events please contact STEM Coordinator 


Student Participation

The establishment of the iCentre in 2018 as a place for students and teachers to gather to engage in cross learning area complex tasks has certainly established the importance of STEM. Some highlights held in the iCentre have been: 

    • Year 9 WitWA Tech-trails program – students were exposed to persons in STEM industries (many were women) who outlined their roles and what they were looking to do in the future. 
    • Year 8 STEM Day – students spent a whole day engaging in STEM challenges, some of which demanded they provide solutions to problems using the ‘Design Thinking’ process. Some of these solutions were presented to the Building and Grounds Committee for their consideration and implementation. 
    • Year 7 Induction Activity – As a part of their induction to Woodvale, Year 7s were asked to work in groups to build catapults. 
    • Year 9 STEM Day – Students had a video link presentation on careers by Astrophysicist Dr Brad Tucker (ANU) followed by a series of STEM activities including water treatment solutions, bioengineering and paper tower construction. 
    • The Year 10, 11 and 12 Woodvale Careers event which saw TAFEs, universities, government departments and providers outline their programs. 


Other STEM based activities that students have participated in include: Year 10 Australian Brain Bee Challenge, Year 8 In-school Bridge Building Competition, Year 8 Makey-Makey Prototype design, Year 8 Synergy Schools Solar Challenge, United Nations Global Goals Youth Forum at Murdoch University, Woodvale’s Got Talent STEM activity, Year 9 and 10 Robotics Club, Firetech Drones and Robots incursions, Woodvale War on Waste Sustainability, Labrats Schools Out Program and numerous classroom based STEM activities. 


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